Christmas Trees, New Jersey Hops, and Honey!

Trees For Troops Weekend at The Fir Farm 2018

Check out this cool video our friend Justin made for us last year!


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The Fir Farm offers premium, pesticide free, freshly harvested NJ Hops to local breweries and home brewers for the brewing of regionally distinct beer. 



We Brew Local

​Fir Farm Hops have been used by many of the wonderful NJ Breweries  such as Jughandle, Dark City, Jersey Girl, Ship Bottom, Brix City, Czig Meister, Rinn Duin, Backward Flag and Frye.

Hops Varieties


Hops varieties grown include Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Nugget and Mt Hood.  

Test rows include Sorachi, Columbia, Newport, AlphAroma(Rakau), Tahoma, Hartwick, Comet, Southern Cross, and Super Alpha.

We harvested rot resistant black locust poles from the farm along with natural cedar poles for our trellis system.

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The Fir Farm

When it all began

The Fir Farm has been growing Christmas trees for almost 40 years!

Our Christmas hours

We usually open the Saturday after Thanksgiving and remain open every Fri Sat Sun 10-4 up to Christmas Eve.

About those beautiful wreaths

We make all of our wreaths by hand starting around Thanksgiving. Just like no 2 trees are the same all of our wreaths are unique and we are always experimenting with new ideas. Get those special orders in early!

Elves and Volunteers

Volunteers are welcome please send us a message in November. From making wreaths to tying bows there is no better way to catch that early Christmas spirit!

Trees For Troops

T4T is the 1st weekend of December. 

The Little Red Barn

Built by Dominick, we continue the original farm family's tradition of taking a photo of you and your tree in front of the little red barn!

Honey Bees

We became Beekeepers in 2016

Inspecting a frame from one of our hives

Inspecting a frame from one of our hives

Raw Honey

Beautiful Fresh Raw Honey from the farm right here in Colts Neck NJ !

The benefits of Raw Honey are limitless and our #FirFarmHoney is always All Natural, Raw, and Delicious!

Inspecting the Hives

Here you can see the Queen, eggs, larvae, and capped brood(baby bees)

There is a lot going on inside the hive! Do you see the queen? She has a long body, short wings, and a bald back.

From Our Bees to YOU!

100% Raw Honey from the farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey, Jersey Fresh, Grown in Monmouth, local honey

Honey is available at our Hop Harvest Fest, during Christmas Tree season, and on limited days throughout the year. 

Wild Flowers

A FirFarm HoneyBee gathering some pollen on a wild thistle flower!

There are lots of different wild flowers throughout the season for our Honey Bees! No Pesticides or Herbicides sprayed here means we welcome all Pollinators and Beneficial Insects.

Keeping it in the family!

Beekeeper, Brood, BeeVital, BeeStrong, BeeStrongEffect, FirFarmHoney, NJHoney, Colts Neck

Charlotte, beekeeper in training, holding a frame of capped brood!

Trees for Troops

Trees For Troops


 For many years, Christmas tree growers have been providing free trees for charitable purposes. In the 1990s, some organized efforts started through which trees were given to National Guard units and other military personnel who were deployed in peacekeeping efforts in Kosovo and other regions of  the world.

In 2005, the National Christmas Tree Association developed the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation (CSF) as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to advance the spirit of Christmas year-round. The foundation quickly developed plans for a national Trees for Troops program that could unify the individual programs of tree growers and state Christmas tree associations.

The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation and our corporate partner FedEx organized the 2005 program in only 45 days and delivered 4,300 Real Christmas Trees to families at five military bases in the U.S. and overseas. The following year, the program nearly tripled when 11,854 military families received trees. In 2007 the program grew even more, as CSF and FedEx delivered 16,846 trees to more than 40 bases in the U.S. and overseas to seven countries. The program has continued to grow and expand every year since its inception through the generosity of donors and the work of many volunteers.

In 2011, CSF and FedEx reached a monumental milestone by delivering the100,000th Real Christmas Tree. To date, the Trees for Troops program has delivered more than 157,000 trees to military families in the U.S. and to troops stationed overseas in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Spain and Guam. Christmas Tree growers and individuals around the country donate the trees, while FedEx provides the shipping for them.

While a donated Christmas Tree may seem like a small gift, CSF receives countless e-mails and letters from families saying it was the best gift they could have received during the holidays. Not only are many military members away from their families during the holidays, but many military families are also away from their extended families. In some cases, “Dad” or “Mom” is overseas, while the rest of the family is also far from home. It is our hope that the gift of a Real Christmas Tree will help bring the feeling of home a little closer, wherever they may be spending their holiday, as well as alleviate some of the financial burden the holidays can bring.
Trees for Troops Weekend is Coming Up - Dec. 6 -8, 2019
Anyone can participate in Trees for Troops by visiting one of the farms or retail lots across the country that signed up to be a Trees for Troops Weekend location this year!  Each of these locations will host a FedEx trailer parked at their farm/lot so you can purchase a tree and then place it on the truck to be donated and delivered to a military family at one of our participating bases the following week. Over 5,000 trees are usually purchased and donated during Trees for Troops Weekend!   

Asbury Park and Red Bank Christmas Trees

Giant Fir Farm Christmas Trees


The last few years we have donated some beautiful Christmas Trees to Asbury Park and Red Bank for all to enjoy!

Red Bank 2016

Giant Fir Farm Christmas Tree in Red Bank NJ. Grown in Monmouth County Colts Neck The Fir Farm

This may have been the largest tree ever!

Asbury Park 2016

Beautiful Snowy Fir Farm Christmas Tree in Asbury Park NJ Press Plaza. Grown In Monmouth Colts Neck

A real beauty in Press Plaza!

Red Bank 2017

Fir Farm Christmas Tree we donated to Red Bank NJ

This tree was conveniently located along our driveway so was fortunate to enjoy a few years of fine tuning to achieve that perfect shape.

Asbury Park 2017


Carried out of the fields by a jolly crew, this tree stood tall in Press Plaza well after New Year's!

Asbury Park 2018

From Colts Neck, NJ to Asbury Park, NJ!

From Colts Neck to Asbury Park, NJ

NJ Breweries

New Jersey Ingredients, Grown In Monmouth, Jersey Fresh

NJ Breweries that have have used our Hops, Honey or Wild Berries are :

Jughandle Brewing Company, ShipBottom Brewery, Source Brewing, Departed Soles Brewing Company, Dark City Brewing Company, Backward Flag Brewing, Jersey Girl Brewing Company, Screamin' Hill Brewery, Brix City Brewing, Czigmeister Brewing Company, Frye Brewing, Rinn Duinn Brewing, and Demented Brewing Company. 

Check out the Lupulin (yellow powder that contains Hop acids and essential oils) in those NJ Hops!
Check out the Lupulin (yellow powder that contains Hop acids and essential oils) in those NJ Hops!

Harrison Apple Trees

Heirloom Cider Apple Tree planting: Harrison

When We Started

​​In early 2016 we planted a few varieties of Cider Apple Trees: Grimes Golden, Wickson, Winesap and of course Harrison.


The Harrison Apple is one of the most famous 18th Century American Cider Apples and was originally grown around Newark,NJ before and after the American Revolution. It was long thought to be extinct until one was discovered in Livingston,NJ in 1976 at an old cider mill. logo below



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NJ beer: Local breweries love this Monmouth County hop farm



An Inside Look at Harvest Ale and Jersey Fresh Hops

Give a Christmas tree to the military

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The Fir Farm is dedicated to growing our crops organically. 

What we do

Giant #FirFarmHops cone from our 4th Annual Hops Harvest Fest in 2018

We're growing Hops, Christmas Trees, Honey, Hazelnuts and Cider Apples!

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